Washers and Pre-Treatment Systems

Automated Jetting Systems specializes in the design of pre-treatment machines. We work closely with your chemical suppliers to ensure that their requirements are met. Our designs are robust and offer many features that reduce operating costs and offer ease of maintenance. The following summarizes our pre-treatment capabilities:

Design Types
  • Single Stage Design
  • Multi-Stage Design
  • Pre-Clean, Clean, Process, Rinse, Seal, DI/RO
  • Batch Design
  • Pre-Treatment Chemical Kitchens


  • E-Coat
  • Iron Phosphate
  • Zinc Phosphate
  • Chromate Conversion
  • Autodeposition
  • Waste Treatment and Water Purification
Design Features
  • Dip or Spray Applications
  • Stainless Steel or Mild Steel Construction
  • Conveyorized, Batch, Belt Washers or Custom
  • Pressurized Conveyor Tunnel
    • Eliminates need for Stainless Steel Track
      Eliminates Chemical Mist Migration
      Increases Conveyor Life
      Reduces Chain Lubrication
      Reduces Dirt Rejects
  • Cascading Flow Technology
  • Reduces Water Consumption
  • Gas, Electric or Steam Fired
  • Reduced Drag-Out
  • Modular Design
  • Optional SPC Control Package