Material Handling Systems
Material handling is the core of all paint finishing systems. It transports your parts through the various processes in an efficient manner. Every system is designed to optimize material handling capabilities while minimizing cost and part contamination. With Automated Jetting’s expertise in the automation field, we can automate loading and unloading of  your parts. This may take form of dedicated robots, or customized multi-axis transfer mechanisms. Depending on your requirements any of the following solutions can be applied:
  • Overhead Conveyor Systems
    • –Power and Free
      –Continuous Chain
      –Enclosed Conveyor
      –I-Beam Conveyor
  • Horizontal Systems
    • –Chain on Edge
      –Belt Conveyors
  • Material Handling Solutions
    • –Automated Robotic Load and Unload
      –Automated Robotic Transfer Systems
      –Dedicated Multi-Axis Solutions